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Urgent Investor Poll

What Will You Do About. . .
. . .This Bailout Scam?

Time's rough. Economy's tough. It's YOU against the Indian
Government! What are you going to do now?

My friend, it's your call. You are a responsible citizen of India. Now, the question depends on you whether to listen to your heart or follow the irrational decision of the Indian government?

» There are 375 million Indians living below the poverty line.
» There are 100 million Indians that still don't have sufficient access to water.
» There are 300 million Indians that don't have access to electricity.
» There are 200 million Indians who are still illiterate.
» There are 300 million Indians who don't even get a proper meal a day.
In this situation, should we really focus on bailing out the non-performing, stagnant, capitalistic enterprises? We say NO.

If you ask me, bailing out rich CEOs, who own bungalows with swimming pools, in all the metropolitan cities, private yachts and private jets... who dine at five-star restaurants and engage in questionable business practices, is simply not done!

And that's what the Indian government is doing. Or appears to be on the verge of doing.

It appears to be on the verge of sanctioning yet another bailout, by whatever name you call it.

If you ask us, getting Public Sector Banks to continue funding companies headed for bankruptcy is a bailout.

Asking Public Sector Oil companies to be patient in getting their dues cleared is a bailout.

Changing Government Policy to avert a bankruptcy is a bailout!

So, you see, don't let the rhetoric blur the picture.

The bailouts are happening.

And not just for one or two companies.

Worst of all, they are being funded by your and our money.

Thousands of crores for bailing out rich CEOs, when thousands are dying of hunger every day? Ridiculous, isn't it?

The Government has been pumping in our money to bailout Air India for instance.

And it appears to be on the verge of doing the same for Kingfisher.

...and this will continue as one company after another will come up with their selfish reasons.

And who is going to pay for that? YOU!

The income taxes, the sales taxes and the corporate taxes... that WE pay are going to be used in bailing out these technically bankrupt companies.

It's YOU... who is going to bear the mistakes of the government, the government you never chose.

It's YOU... who has to take home less income to provide for the luxuries of the rich entrepreneurs.

It's YOU... who will have to sacrifice a part of your life, and go unnoticed, unsung.

It's YOU... who will be the "black sheep of the family".

It's YOU... who is going to suffer the pangs of hunger. ...and all these not for the sake of our country, but for a few selfish capitalists!

And let me tell you, we should NEVER tolerate this. We should stand up and take charge.

And to make the government listen to us, we need to get together and speak out in a unified voice.

Which is exactly why we have kick-started this campaign called 'Ban Bailouts'.

Through this campaign we aim to take your opinions to the government to express our concern about bailing out companies with our tax money.

If you believe in this cause then...

Participate in our poll right now!

We also request you to forward this message to all your friends and families... the more the supporters; the stronger will be our voice.

Please remember, your one opinion can make all the difference.

And Now... Over to our Civil Aviation Minister!
Over the past few weeks, we've run this campaign to take a stand against our government wasting tax payer's money by Bailing out sick and non-performing enterprises.

10,325 people raised their voices and participated in this poll.

97% of those people refused to see our tax-money being wasted like this!

And we at Equitymaster, kept our part of the promise and have sent the final results of this poll to our Respected Civil Aviation Minister as people's mandate on this issue.

We would like to personally thank each and every one who joined us in this crusade.

If you have any views or comments that you would like to share with the rest of us, please post it in the comments box below.